Welcome to the

Pearls Mikvah


Leeds Ladies' Mikvah.

NEW - All payments to Pearls Mikvah are going contactless. Please ask your attendant for the bank details. 

If you wish to purchase bedikah cloths, these are £1.60 a package and can be added on to  your mikvah payment.

Please don't forget to put your payment through as we are reliant on the funds especially at the moment, when our costs are even higher.

At Pearls Mikvah we take your health seriously and are following Rabbinic and Health Professionals guidance to keep the mikvah safe for all users.
If you are showing symptoms of coronovirus or are in quarantine because you or someone in your family is showing symptoms, you may NOT immerse.
Healthy women may immerse without restrictions.

Please do all your preparations at home unless you absolutely cannot and you must bring your own towels.

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